Monday, March 3, 2008

Someone totally hated on my blog today. This person started off in such a way that it seemed like they were giving me a compliment. Like, "Hey, your blog totally sucks but that other shit you write is pretty good." Then when I gave this person a chance to take it back, such person reaffirmed their belief that my blog sucks (and suggested that I know as much) and further extrapolated that if this person read my blog, but did not know me in real life, this person would assume I am crazy. After said person was done insulting me, this person asked that we just pretend the whole conversation never happened.

Four things came to mind when all this happened::

1:: I don't like when people give me an insult gift wrapped in a compliment.

2:: I don't like when people give me unsolicited negative feedback.

3:: If someone thinks that I seem crazy after reading my blog, this person likely also thinks I am crazy in real life. And maybe I am, because I don't think that what I write here is all that different than what I would say/do/think in person. Sure, this blog only reflects a very selective sampling of my life, but still, it is me. And frankly, I like it. And I think it is funny. And if others don't and want to get all judgmental on it, they should just stick to reading my reviews instead.

4:: I am being immature and posting this because my feelings are hurt.

1 comment:

JMB said...

I wouldn't worry about that person, it sounds like he probably sniffs glue for a living. We love your use of the double colon, and remain hopeful that it will become our next National Punctuation Craze.

Peace out.