Monday, February 25, 2008

Not a date type event.

So begins another round of self imposed mania. I tell myself every time I meet someone new that this type of hysteria is to be avoided – as it leads only to bad outcomes. But it seems that after 28 years, certain behaviors are ingrained and can not be quelled, despite my greatest efforts.

I recently met someone new whilst at dinner with some friends. He shall be known heretofore as The Philosopher. Why? Well, because for better or worse that is what he is. Personally, I think it is pretty neat, but probably only because I know nothing of the subject matter. And I tend to think most things I know nothing about are neat.

The Not a Date:: The food itself was pretty blah, but the company was quite good. Conversation flow was steady and strong. Laughter was engaged in. Small flirtations were exchanged. After dinner, we went out for more drinks at The Philosopher's suggestion (or at least I think it was his suggestion). Not only that, but we closed the bar down. Again, to be taken as a good sign in Diet Coke's Book of Dating (or Not Dating, in this instance). Assuming such a book actually existed. Which it should.

The Goodbye:: Slightly awkward. No psychical contact attempted. The Philosopher stated that he had had a nice time. I reiterated. He suggested I call him. I suggested he call me instead because I suck at phone talkage/usage.

The Aftermath:: 1 A.D. (1 day After Date (or Not a Date)) I received an email from The Philosopher to the effect of "hey, had a really good time, you are awesome, let's talk soon." Ok, so I made up the "you are awesome", but that is what it should have said. 2 A.D., I wrote back that I too had a really good time, and that we should hang out again. And since then? NOTHING!!! No email. No call. No nada. This is bullshit, I say! Am I overrating given the time frame? Yes, clearly. And yet, this is bullshit, I say!

To be continued...

I actually wrote the above post yesterday, making it several days now with no contact. The thing is, it is not so much that I am broken over the lack of contact from The Philosopher (maybe a little disappointed), but it literally did not occur to me that there was a possibly that he wasn't into me. And yet, he is not into me. Reality check. Ugh. Reality blows donkey's behinds. I need a break from reality. And from boys too probably.

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