Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Irrefutable signs that the world is ending.

The Philosopher has made contact. Or rather, I should say The Philosopher has responded to contact made by me. I know, I know - I ought not to have contacted him after I *specifically* told HIM to call me. But I texted, so it's cool. Actually, it is juvenile and silly. But then so am I, so it is also fitting. Anyhow, dice it how you will, but contact was made. And what resulting was a reaffirmation of what I already know. Aristotle Boy (his new, less regal title) is NOT interested.

The textversation (conversation via text) went a little something like this (actually, nothing like this, but you get the gist):

Me:: Hi.
Him:: Hi.
Me:: When are we hanging out again?
Him:: I totally want to hang out again. BUT - I am basically busy for the next millennium so let's just keep in touch mm, k? And if I ever free up - which I won't - I will let you know.
Me:: Umm, ok.

So yeah, there you have it. I got the "don't call me, I'll call you" brushoff.*

Also, I think the world has gone mad (and not only because Aristotle Boy doesn't like awesome me) but also, I was in the lounge today and overheard the following:

Person #1:: I really want to go see There Will Be Blood. I heard that Daniel Day Lewis is amazing in it.
Person #2:: Yeah, he is. The movie itself is just okay**, but he really makes it worth watching.
Person #1:: Yeah, he is like Will Smith. He really just shines in every movie.

Did someone just compare Daniel Day - billion Oscar winning, My Left Foot, Last of the Mohicans and In the Name of the Father starring - Lewis to Will "mother effing Welcome to Miami and Independence Day" Smith? Yes. Someone mother effing did. Like I said, mad world.

And finally, I can hear a frog outside my window. I live in Hancock Park. Not the jungle or where ever it is frogs are founds. And no, I am not on shrooms.

* I thought about whether I would have preferred Aristotle Boy simply not having responded to my text, and the truth is, I'm glad he did. Even though he didn't say what I wanted (rat bastard), at least there is a sense of finality to the whole thing now. Kind of.

** Totally false. The movie is awesome.

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