Monday, February 11, 2008

Energy Boost/Bust FRS Style

I am really into grocery stores and the myriad of items contained therein. I like that at a grocery store, unlike my preferred shopping destination [Saks Fifth Avenue], I can purchase items with reckless abandon. I need not have any regard for prices, sales, etc. My buying power at the grocery store is infinity - and it feels neat. It is natural then, that I am a reader of, who shares with grocery obsessed readers like myself glorious new items that can be found on your local market shelves. Now Ms. Hungry (or whomever she is) has been touting an energy beverage/weight management system called FRS. I don't know if she is in cahoots with the company, but they happen to be offering a free sample to users on her web site.

Being a fan of Ms. Hungry, free stuff, and energy I placed my order last week. Imagine my excitement when my box arrived on Saturday. And imagine my further excitement when I decided that I was going to give the whole system a test go today and share my thoughts with you, my dear readers.

9:30:: The experiment begins. I started with the FRS Plus low calorie liquid concentrate. It claims to be an "antioxidant health drink for sustained energy and performance." Sounds good, plus its only 20 calories a serving. If you like lemon/lime emergen c, you are likely to enjoy this. There isn't the fun of watching the fizz that comes with emergen, but the taste is pretty similar. FRS has a stronger flavor and a little bit of an icky aftertaste, but I kind of like it. Because I am strange like that. Also, the beverage is VERY bright (think sunny delight on even more food coloring), which does freak me out a tad. No noted energy boost as of yet, but the beverage was only just consumed. I will report back in the afternoon. On Monday, I am usually a sluggish useless employee. If that is otherwise today, FRS Plus is probably doing its job.

10:15:: I left my office for a meeting, leaving behind my energy boost libation. Learned a very important lesson. Do not allow FRS plus to sit idol for too long. Bad things happen. As to energy, I am not falling asleep, so that is good. I am however, blogging instead of working, which is not good.

12:26:: Just picked up lunch. I am not starving yet to the point of wanting to eat my thumb, which is unusual. FRS also makes claims of being a weight management system, so my non-starvation may be a result of their product. BTW - the baked potato I got from Brighton Coffee Shop in Beverly Hills is delicious.

1:42:: The delicious and inorganically large baked potato I ate for lunch is sitting like a brick in my belly. Feeling sluggish. Time for another boost of energy. This time, I am trying the FRS Plus low calorie antioxidant health drink in wild berry flavor. This is supposed to delivery sustained energy and enhance mental focus. At the current time, it is merely enhancing my gag reflex. This stuff taste b-a-d. Good thing this was free because it is going in the trash.

2:23:: Since the wild berry was a bust, I turned instead to the FRS Antioxidant Health Chews. Health eeeewww is more like it. Like the beverage before it, it tastes bad. Each one has 15 calories too! Although I guess the good part of it tasting bad is that I won't be tempted to eat them all willy nilly. I must say though, I do feel a little energetic. Not like I want to go for a run or anything crazy like that, but my eyes are not glazing over as they normally would this time on a Monday. The 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock hour is the real test. Usually around that time I am suicidal with munchies and sleepies.

3:35:: I am starting to feel slightly jittery (like when one drinks too much caffeine). But, I am neither hungry nor sleepy, so that is good. Also, I've only had one diet coke thus far today. Since my employer offers them ice cold and free, I've been drinking like 4 a day. One is a vast improvement. [Note: if this all works out, I may soon become FRS and a side of fries because I am trying to give up the Diet Coke.]

5:19:: Diet Coke be huuungry. I don't know whether to reach for another chew or a kit kat bar.

5:57:: Went for another chew instead of the kit kat bar. Such discipline! I feel a little better. I feel good actually. No jitters and no hunger. I am also still currently motivated to hit the gym tonight (I brought my gym cloths to work so as to avoid my usual routine of being motivated, going home to change, and then never leaving the comfort of my couch). Plan is to do 60 mins of serious ass busting, sweat inducing cardio.

10:37:: I went to the gym and had a pretty decent workout. I am now home, and have a little more energy than I need at this time of night!

Overall, FRS taste like crap, but it seems to do something. What that something is, I am not quite sure.

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