Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Universe giveth, and the Universe taketh away. Or something.

::First and Foremost
All is smoothed over the the parental units. Being an only child with parents who are pretty much obsessed with me, it was only a matter of time (especially when you take into account my unrelenting charm). This time it took longer than normal - 18 consecutive waking hours of hostility - but all is good in Familyville once again.

:: Second and Lessmost
I spoke too soon re: having found a new roommate. Turns out Potential Roomie #1 decided to pass on the Diet Coke Estate on the basis that she could not install a dog door. Clearly, a lie. And not even a good one, which means she is not fit to live with anyhow. Like I said before, I hate a lie. But if I must be subjected to one, I prefer it be a good one. Probably, she was intimidated by my unrelenting charm (see above). It is a blessing and a curse. Tonight, I am to meet potential roommate #2. We shall see how this one turns out.

:: PSBF Update #1
Progress has been slow (read: Nacho's for lunch, and worse for dinner). By some grace of god (or whatever) I lost .5 pounds despite stuffing my face with every cheesy puff that crosses my path. I will take the charity loss, but I really need to buckle down. Clothes. Feel. Tight. Can't. Breath.

:: Big News
Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to live blog the greatest show of all time - Project Runway. Tune in folks! It will assuredly be funny. Or maybe it won't. But it will be something.

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The Hodge said...

Good luck getting back on track. I'm on a 3 day streak at the gym. I just wish all those New Years resolutes will abandon their dreams of a thin bod so I don't have to fight them for an elliptical machine.