Sunday, January 13, 2008

Parental fiasco, unfunny people and damn good pizza.

Last Night:

The evening started with a bang, when Certain Someone and I found the best damn parking spot in the history of parking spots in Franklin Village. Next followed a stiff drink at La Poubelle, and a trip to Prizzi's Piazza - a.k.a. the best effing pizza I've ever had, counting the hundreds of slices of pizza consumed during my "New York Period." After the glooorious pizza, the night took a decided turn.

The culprit? A vomitously bad show at Upright Citizen Brigade. Now I realize this venue has a lot of different offerings, and some are bound to bad - but I mean, come on. My grandmother can tell better jokes than the people that took the stage. About ten "comedians" took the stage, each one worse than the one before. Apparently many people think that telling a bad joke and then following it up with "mother fucker" or "fucking bitch" is funny. Not so much, as it turns out. Eight dollars, two wasted hours and one 20 ounce of can of Bud Light later, Certain Someone and I proceeded to the shady sushi spot next door.

The place calls itself "TAI yo" and it is decked in the shadiest decor imaginable (think Chinese 99 cent store). There, we each had some sort of lemon martini concoction. The waiter also graciously dumped a full one on top of me, and then rewarded me for my discomfort by not charging me for the drink he spilled on me. Gee, thanks. And another thing about this "TAI yo," the place is in the center of a block that is literally spilling over with people, and yet, in this particular place, Certain Someone, myself and some shade ball with a giant bottle of cranberry juice were the only patrons. Very strange.

Once we departed from Franklin Village, we went to my place only to discover that I had neglected to take keys with me. From there, it was off to the liar of Certain Someone - which seems as though it has not been cleaned since 1992.


We woke up this morning and got some delish breakfast from some place on Larchmont, then traveled back to my place to meet - duh duh duh - my new future Roomie. The gal seems pretty cool. Like someone I won't have anything to blog about, which is a welcome trait in a roommate.

Soon thereafter, just as I had gotten comfy on my couch, disaster struck. My parents decided that they were going to drop by unannounced (which by the way, I hate - infinity hate) and demand I go run errands with them. I refused. My parents met Certain Someone which was totally awkward and then left angry (like, really really angry). I tried calling my dad later in the afternoon and he hung up on me. Twice. Communicating my parents is like dealing with junior high school kids sometimes. All emotion, no rational. My parents, despite my 28 years, refuse to acknowledge that I am an adult that can do what I want and spend my time how I please. It is beyond frustrating.

So now, I am relieved that my living situation seems to be in order, and bummed that my parents are being mean. Plus, I have the after Sunday comes Monday blues.

Some Mac and Cheese may be in order.

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