Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's cookie time, it's cookie T-iiimeee - err, no it's not.

I have a bit of a sailor mouth (which perhaps explains, at least in part, my fascination of Chef Ramsey* of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares). One four letter word, however, causes my naughty word loving lips to frown. The word: D-I-E-T. But ladies and gents, the time has come. No longer can I ignore those pesky holiday pounds that have narrowed my grand wardrobe down to three dresses, my Jesus Skirts, and knee socks.** And so begins Project Stop Being Fat 2008 ("PSBF 2008"). I want to lose 7 pounds, me thinks. And you, dear audience, will have the (dis)pleasure of joining me in accomplishing my mission.

Day one of PSBF beings tomorrow, which means tonight's outing with Certain Someone will be treated like a giant asteroid is careening towards the earth and Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck aren't around (they are picketing with the WGA, or something) to fly into space and destroy the son of a super nova before impact.***

So yeah, lots of food and shit will be consumed.

* Of "listen big man, as long as I have a hole in my ass, those potatoes have been in the friar," fame.

** Diet Coke thinks knee socks are hot, and thanks to the assistance of American Apparel and eBay has amassed quite the collection.

*** Reminded of when I went to see Armageddon. In the theater. And liked it. Yes, I am embarrassed for myself. Sadly, as Certain Someone pointed out, it seems my taste in TV/Film maybe has not improved. I like "good" movies - but also a lot of really bad ones. Speaking of bad movies that are soooo good, can someone do something to cause someone to remake Troop Beverly Hills? I think Hanna Montana should be cast as the girl singing the "It's Cookie Time" song in front of Jane Fonda's Workout. God bless that movie.

In other news, I may have a New Roomie soon. Also, my taste for soon to be former Roomie continues to decline. Each day brings a new indication of how much she is not the kind of person I prefer to have in my life. Sad. But the more I reflect on the course of our friendship, the more inevitable this end result seems. With itself is sad. Oddly enough, at the exact same time as my friendship with former Roomie started inching towards the pooper, 1) I sparked a new friendship with an awesome gal that has been in my life since I was a child, but I never really got to know, and 2) I met Certain Someone.

Life is awesome like that sometimes.

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singlefabulous said...

Oh my gosh, I LOOOOOOVE Troop Beverly Hills!!! It was on TV over New Year's weekend, I watched it and surprisingly, STILL love it. All the making fun of crazy L.A. people -- priceless.