Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Your friendship is a fog.

I had, still have in theory I suppose, a best friend. And our relationship of late has totally began to suffer, to the point of non-existence, as a result of her dating a new fellow. The guy in question seems like a totally upstanding, caring, good man and one that she should indeed be with. The problem is that since they have begun dating she and I have basically ceased to be friends (aside from a few farcical encounters here and there). In fact, the last time I hung out with the friend in question (and I happen to live with her, thereby making the situation increasingly more absurd) was Halloween. HALLOWEEN!!!!! I considered saying something to her directly in hopes of salvaging something, but then I concluded, what is the point?!?! I hate to say/think/admit this, but if she ever truly ever were a friend of mine, she still would be. I understand that the dynamic of our friendship would naturally change as the result of one or both us entering into a serious relationship, but this here is total abandonment. So what am I to say. "Ummm, please be a better friend to me?" Seems silly. So I won't. Instead I will anonymously complain to the world wide universe how I am upset that this friendship has decayed into oblivion in the course of a month. I also realize that she probably sees things differently than I do. This must be how it feels to be in a bad marriage.

Anyhow, it all makes me think of a rage against the machine lyric that goes, "your friendship is a fog, that disappears when the wind redirects." Sad!!! I hope I am being melodramatic and none of what I have said is true.

On the bright side, and in totally unrelated news, I lost two pounds. This is all part of the Highly Scientific Experiment (more to come on HSE later).

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