Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Year in Review: Lessons I've Leaned Part I.

The year has yet to end, but the inevitable truths keep piling up. I figured I better get a jump on the new year and start my Year In Review with Lessons I've Learned, presented in two parts.

Lesson 1: I have an overactive imagination that causes me to think of insane, and sometimes accurate, scenarios

If something happens that is a little odd, I automatically assume that some real strange shit is about to go down. Case in point, last Friday (as in Friday before Christmas when no person in their right mind would share bad news with another person) I get a call from my Boss's assistant that the Boss wishes to meet with me before the end of the day. This is strange because it has never happened before. True, I have only worked at the fine establishment at which I am employed for a mere two months, but still. Rule of thumb: Big Boss wants to talk, you worry. Plus the whole call had this ominous tone to it (really, it was an email, but whatever). Things that run through my brain (in order): OMGomgomgOMG!!?? I am in big trouble. I am fired. I am going to be reprimanded for reading and occasionally writing blogs at work. I am going to have to work over Christmas. OMGOMGOMG!!! Never did I consider that perhaps it could be something positive. And what was it? Something positive. Conclusion: I am an idiot, and a jumper to negative conclusions and/or extraordinary imaginings.

Second case in point, about a month ago I awake to find my Roomie (aka former Bestie*) has segregated our fridge (literally, we have a side by side and she moved all my stuff to one side and all of her stuff to one side. Strange, yes. True? Sadly, also yes). What do I think? I think of her action as a hostile declaration as to our friendship, her opinion of my choice in milk (I like vanilla soy, she unsweetened almond) and a whole plethora of other bad nasty things. Reality: Err, I was actually kind of on target with this one. While there were excuses made as to why our perishables could not happily co-exist, the truth was more or less what I had imagined. Conclusion: I may be crazy, but sometimes I am right.

Lesson 2: I am a very bad driver.

I actually knew this long before the dawn of the new year. 2007, however, reaffirmed my suspicion. Thirce. Conclusion: Poles, people and pets in the greater Los Angeles area (particularly those along the stretch of Beverly Blvd. from Downtown to Beverly Hills) ought not rest easy until I have earned, won or divorced my way into enough money to hire a driver.

Lesson 3: Most of the things that I have been upset about in 2007 (and in life) are stupid.

Case in point. I shed a good many tears over a certain guy I had dated earlier in the year who was a total jackass. Really. A total jackass. I exaggerate not on this one. Fast forward to now. How often do I think about this guy? Only when I try to reflect on the last year and think about what I learned. Thinking about him doesn't make me wish that I had never met him. Because the truth is, it was fun - kind of a lot of fun. What I do wish is that after it was over, I had not wasted my energy being sad about it. Such is the case with most things in my life. Conclusion: I cry too much about dumb stuff.

Lesson 4: I am a waster of money.

A few months ago I ordered 40 dollars worth of food from Poquito Mas just so I could get one burrito delivered. If I was a country, I would be one with deficits. Big ones. Conclusion: I am a jackass when it comes to money, and perhaps otherwise too.

Lesson 5: I love parties more than just about anything else.

Really, nothing gets me excited like the notion of a party. Whether it is one that I am planning or merely one that I am attending - I love me the parties. The socializing, the people old and new, the friends, the laughter, the anticipation, the unabashed drunkenness. Yes please, can I have another? Conclusion: I am going to make a concerted effort to attend and host more parties in 2008, starting with a New Years Eve Party (whohoo!).

Lesson 6: I am a lucky daughter of a gun.

Really, thinking of it brings big salty tears to me eyes. Perhaps this is in large part to a lovely weekend I just spend with dear friends and family, but D-A-M-N, I am lucky girl. To have so many people in my life that are as glorious as they are, and to be STILL lucky enough to be meeting new people who may be equally glorious. It's just so - nice. Any by nice, I mean totally fucking amazingly awesome. Conclusion: No matter what is going wrong, as something inevitably will be at all times, I have to remember the lucky me part.

Part II of lessons learned to follow in time.

* Earlier in the year I wrote an entry discussing the latest in my situation with Roomie and how upset I was about everything that had transpired. I then promptly deleted it because I felt guilty knocking our friendship (or maybe I didn't want to admit for very long that things are irreparably** damaged). But the more I think about it, the more I remember that the whole point of my starting this blog, and then keeping it anonymous (no person in my day to day life knows of its existence except for Certain Someone) was that so I can write honestly and unafraid of what others think of my thoughts and ideas. If I have to censor myself, that defeats the whole purpose. So even though it still feels a little strange, I am going to go ahead and put it all out there. Again.

** When I say "irreparably" damaged, I am not really sure if I mean it.

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