Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sometimes nothing is better than something.

And the sagas continue:

1. On T/S. In anticipation of T/S being a flake, as he is wont to be, I sent the following email.

DC: We are on from tomorrow, right?

And then the following barrage of emails ensued (paraphrased and slangified version).

T/S: "Huh?"
DC: "What do you mean, "huh?" No more! I can't take no more!!."
T/S: "I thought we were doing something this weekend."
DC: "Umm, yeah. Like, tomorrow. And if not, you better tell me now or suffer my wrath for all eterntiy."

And then?

NOTHING!! Nothing seems to be the theme of the day (see below for further nothing action). So yeah, I am thinking the plans are off. I am further thinking my relationship with T/S is, for all eterntity, over.

applicable lyric: "I just made you up, to hurt myself."

2. On Roomie. I sent Roomie a passivish/aggressish text to the tune of, "umm, where the eff you been, yo. In case you care, I am here and I am fine." Roomie's reply? None. Nada. Nothing. Jesus, if you can't get your alleged best friend to reply to a WTF text after 5 days of not having heard from the girl, something has gone horribly wrong.

applicable lyric: "What happened to the good old days? I was kinda hoping this was all a stupid phase."

3. In General. What other else do you have in store for me, December? Wait, don't tell me.

applicable lyric: "Hide my head, I wanna drown my sorrow. No Tomorrow. No Tomorrow."


Before I got to post the above, T/S emailed me back that he has plans on Friday. And I don't mean with me. So that begs the question, why, devil spawn inconsiderate fuck face pickle mouth, if you had plans on Friday, did you fucking let me believe that we had plans??!! Also, let me point out, that had I not preempted the day of flakery...he'd have done it again. To you, T/S, I say - fuck you.

I of course, replied with a song lyric.

I really want something good to happen. Really really. Please. Universe.


Manetheren said...

I once knew a girl who lived in a dorm but only stayed there 4 or 5 times during the semester once she got a boyfriend. Very odd.

Not sure if T/S is a boy interest or a boyfriend. Confused about the status of the relationship.

I love Fridays.

Hodge Out

The Hodge said...

I'd also recommend linking your blog to your facebook account (assuming you have one). A lot more exposure. My facebook account automatically makes an announcement whenever I make a new blog entry. It's tight. I love lots of comments.