Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh, high school. How I don't miss you at all.

My impending ten year high school reunion caused me to reflect back on my life back when I was a young and spry college student (which by the way, was easy to do because I have always kept a journal. Note to world: you should all keep a journal.) And it turns out, my younger self was a total idiot.

This is what Diet Coke thought was what during the college era:
These are totally the best days of my life; it is soooo awful that I got an A- on that economics paper, I will never get into grad school with such dismal grades; school is so stressful, I can't wait to start working; I am totally going to marry my college boyfriend and we will have kids named Isabella and Conner; I will forever be BFF with the girls in my freshman dorm; I will forever live on the East Coast, because it, like, totally rocks.
And now:
These are actually the best days of my life. It turns out every year gets to be the best. Totally got into grad school, which it turns out, I wish that I never went to in the first place. School rocks. I would go back in a nanosecond. I dumped my college boyfriend basically as soon as I left my college campus. Connor is the worst boys name ever. I am good friends with about two people I went to college with. Neither of whom lived in my freshman dorm. Los Angeles is where it is at. The East Coast, western Massachusetts in particular, like, totally blows. And also, "seasons" are total overrated.
I don't know why this is significant. But basically, the point is my high school reunion is coming up people! And I am getting old. And it is NOT okay!!! And also, I will soon get a chance to reunite with my favorite group of nerdy, awesome drunkards and be merry and wasted (and old).

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