Friday, December 7, 2007

Desiring to crawl back into my denial/utopia bubble.

Roomie replied to my email (calling it passive aggressive, by the way). Most of what she said, I disagree with. I won't say as much though, because frankly, I am tired. I can't take any more conflict for the duration of 2007 and at least the first quarter of 2008. December, all seven days of it, have been horrid. Damn you, December. Damn you to hell.

An intuitive told me today (yes, this ACTUALLY happened) that she senses a great deal of mental activity...but no action. And you know, I think she is right. So this weekend, I am going to put in my bestest faith effort to drag my cute little butt off of my exceedingly comfortable and comforting couch and get out there and do some stuff. Thanks, intuitive called sunshine.

End Note:

Chocolate really is just amazing. Better than duct tape and the wheel even. Better than portable music devices. But not better than platform heels. God bless platform heels.

"I'll take a quiet life
A handshake of carbon monoxide
No alarms and no surprises"

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