Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The best VHS player ever.

In preparation for the first great work night adventure of December 2007, Certain Someone was looking for a VHS player so that we might watch the "greatest documentary of all time" - Andre the Giant. [Note: this is Certain Someone's opinion, not mine. Although I, admittedly, have not seen this documentary, I doubt I will feel *quite* as strongly about it.] Apparently not liking my idea of scoring a VHS sold for crack money from a pawn shop, Certain Someone turned to craigslist, and it was there that he succeeded in finding the Best VHS Player Ever. So special is this VHS player that in addition to coming with the usual "remind," "fast forward" and "pause" buttons, it comes with a Limo!!! Yes, readers of Diet Coke's glorious blog, you read that night. A mother effing LIMO-FUCKING-USINE!!!

Highlights of the old school P-I-M-P 1995 Lincoln Continental Towncar LIMOUSINE:

** It has "Everything you can possiable think of work perfectly fine."
** "The paint is the origanal color"
** It "comes with T.V that comes out and closes with a push of a bottun."
** And best of all, it has what all us buyers like - a motivated seller: "I just needs some cash so please help me out and in return I will do everything possiable to show you that this is not a problem makeing car so if you can help"
** Affordable, at the fire sale price $3500 American.

Certain Someone has doubts as to the authenticity of the ad, but I still have some hope that Rick the limo seller is for real and we will be watching what may be the greatest documentary ever on the best VHS player ever.

Other Thoughts: Google is running an add for Diet Coke Plus on my web site which makes me sad, because of all the diet coke products that is the one that taste the most like what I like to call "assfoot flavor."

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The Hodge said...

I wonder if it runs well. Regardles, that's pretty tight.