Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bad Decision Making Brewing.

This guy I met at a Halloween party. Jupiter his moniker shall be. He is charming in a weirdo, aloof, stoned sort of way.

His Pros: potentially smart, occasionally really fun, engages in like minded activities as myself, drinks well, nice seeming, happy.

His Cons: potentially an idiot, perpetually stoned and/or stoned seeming, lives outside my preferred 5 mile radius, doesn't seem like he'd be terribly amazing in bed.

Anyhow, he just texted and wants to meet for a drink tonight. Normally, I'd say no, as I am pretty sure I am not interested in him. In fact, I was just telling my friend a few days ago just that. But tonight, because of bastard face T/S and his flakery, I shall accept Jupiter's offer. Hopefully, such decision will not bite me in ass.

A new chapter begins. Or is an old chapter being reopened?

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